The Medical Monopoly Menace to Society

Monday, July 25, 2016

Death by Medicine

In this excellent video, Dr. Mercola chronicles just what a menace to society the medical industry has become.  Watch the video and check out other Dr. Mercola videos by clicking link below.

As the political walls crumble all around the ears of our Humpty Dumpty government revealing a broken and corrupt system of parasites and fools, the medical/pharmaceutical industry must be next.  Too long these monsters create monsters and a growing loveless world obsessed with fame, fortune, and selfie-selfishness. 

Beings of higher celestial light are not meant to be preyed upon by merit-less Apes masquerading as humans.

The revolution has begun!


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Modern Medicine Failing Celebrities

Gone too soon... Top;L-R: David Bowie, Glen Frey, Prince, Patty Duke, Chyna, Vanity
Notable Celebrity Deaths of 2016

David Bowie died of liver cancer at age 69 and apparently was optimistic at trial cancer treatments just weeks before his death. Legendary Rockers who can cross-over and sing duets with the likes of Bing Crosby were not put on this Earth to be Guinea Pigs for the medical industry. Big Pharm, Doctors, and Researchers have been fighting liver cancer for at least 40 years and at some point each and every one of them must be deemed failures. The time to move onto something else that actually works without draining bank accounts and the life out of patients approaches quite like an unstoppable Firestorm.

Glenn Frey: Legendary founder of the American rock band The Eagles passed away at the age of  67 while fighting rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia. One can only imagine that part of an artistic puzzle giving the world Hotel California must have been in pretty bad shape to die of curable ailments no matter if such diseases converged simultaneously. Money can’t buy everything and it obviously cannot buy decent medical treatment for even wealthy celebrities. Coaches in sports feel actual pain when their team loses just like the players. One wonders what Doctors experience when losing patients to death from curable diseases? If doctors are ignorant of natural cures available, is ignorance a moral defense?

Prince: Apparently, the Purple Rock Legend had two hip surgeries that probably caused him to become addicted to the drug Percocet. TMZ reports he overdosed on the drug a few days before his death at age 57 to causes unknown at the time of this writing. I remember reading somewhere that one hip surgery can take 7 years off your lifespan. Prince by such math should have lived at least until the age of 71 instead of becoming another victim of the medical menace that shall be looked upon in the future as barbaric and predatory. History and the distant future shall not look kindly upon our medical and pharmaceutical industry of today at all. Spiritual beings of higher light were not put on this Earth to get no fake hips!

Patty Duke: Firestorm-like acting talent blazing across the silver screen alongside that of Ann Bancroft in The Miracle Worker, it is bitterly ironic that the medical industry could not work anything close to miracles and give Miss Duke at least a better ending. Passing away at age 69 of sepsis and ruptured intestine, she also suffered from emphysema and was diagnosed with bipolar disease in 1982. Her son, Sean Astin intimated that she suffered greatly recently and death ended misery. Natural Healers could have done considerably more to better the end of a once brilliant life than a medical monopoly philosophy of greed and unearned merit. It is a shame the status-quo of government  actively engages in silencing the voice of reason and spirituality that can and will end all suffering.

“Chyna” Joanie Laurer 

was only about 5’ 10” weighing in at 180 lbs but somehow always looked a lot bigger on screen. The female pioneering professional wrestler and actress died of an accidental drug overdose at age 46. Even in this Feminist world of mediocrity, being a woman and looking like “the Ninth Wonder of the World” has got to come with some drawbacks. Women were not meant to be Gladiators in ancient Rome. They did so by force or the promise of freedom. Warrior Women of ancient times became so out of necessity. Today, reality does not change.  Women were meant for much more than building big muscles and losing touch with the Goddess within. Cowards and fools who make up government and pimp the status-quo bare most of the responsibility for trying to fit uniquely shaped humans into square holes or otherwise brainwashing them into chasing values of low standards. Material gains do not answer cosmic questions and Chyna deserved better.

Denise “Vanity” Matthews: Called the protégé of Prince, Vanity died much too young at age 57 of kidney failure. She was the recipient of a kidney transplant in 1997 so her urinary system was not in great shape. Doctors do love surgery and transplants must get them really excited. We can drive on our Moon and find the God Particle but preventing kidney failure seems well beyond medical science. We hope such disappointments in medical practice are not due to the little known fact that cures do not pay. Kidneys certainly cost them nothing so profit margins probably look good for transplants. Vanity found religion after her transplant and seemingly a lifetime from becoming an overnight Star singing the hit song, Nasty Girl written by Prince. Vanity will also be remembered fondly in the classic Kung Fu film, The Last Dragon.  Beauty blazed through our consciousness like a Meteor and gets plucked from the night sky like just another number on a medical bill and Miss Matthews needed something a little greater than powerful sermons, prayers and Christianity protecting her from the medical monopoly menace.
A 2000 Institute of Medicine report estimated that medical errors result in between 44,000 and 98,000 preventable deaths and 1,000,000 excess injuries each year in U.S. hospitals.  -Wikipedia
Surgery is the most expensive service Doctors offer and transplants even more so because of the complex nature taking hours and sometimes days to complete. So then, like a good auto mechanic it behooves medical professionals to offer customers top selling service. Auto Mechanics are actually a little better as they offer specials from time to time saving us money.

When will America rage against this particular machine? We know about celebrity deaths because of the media. There are perhaps millions of such deaths monthly that are not covered by TMZ. How many people have to die too young? Let the rage begin now! Let the end come soon to preventable misery.